Founded by sustainable family farmers with a passion for raising hogs–the Right Way. Heritage Foods is vertically coordinated from seed to plate.


Our animals are never-ever administered antibiotics. To promote smaller, less concentrated production, we begin operations with healthy seed stock that leads to ‘natural selection’ for immunity and vigor. We encourage optimal nutrition in a stress-free environment. We manage the health of our livestock with preventative measures using homeopathic remedies, probiotics, enzymes, essential oils, fiber and herbal alternatives.

Natural Environment

All of our hogs are raised without crates, cages, or crowding. We allow our hogs plenty of space to root, rummage, and roam. We provide bedding and environmental enrichment materials that encourage natural foraging behavior. We strive to ensure outdoor access for all animals at all levels of production.


We feed our hogs a wholesome, whole grain vegetarian diet, free of animal by-products, hormones, steroids or pesticides. We use only high-quality and natural feedstuffs including corn, extruded/expelled soy and oats. We also utilize alternative local feedstuffs, like milo, where available, as many of our producers grow their own grains. All rations include fiber and are properly fortified with minerals and vitamins. Additionally, we have stringent restrictions on the use of dried distiller grains in our feed to prevent pale, soft, watery pork. We prohibit the use of any ingredient that compromises the integrity of our meat quality or the health and welfare of our animals.


We use a unique blend of heritage breeds and bloodlines developed over generations by Heritage Foods family farmers. We raise some of the finest breeds including: Berkshire, Duroc and Tamworth. These heritage breeds have an increased ability to thrive in outdoor and more natural environments, have stronger immune systems, and have the ability to rear large, healthy litters without farrowing crates. The breeds we use have been selected for superior quality and the greatest eating characteristics.

Humane Treatment

Our animals are raised humanely and with care under strict third party Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards. We believe in no crates, no crowding, and no cages. We allow no body modifications, except for castration. We wean later than conventional systems to allow the animals a more natural weaning process. Our goal is to create an environment free of stress or fear for our hogs, from birth to sacrifice.

We are driven and committed to help conventional farmers convert to a more sustainable model. As some farms begin the transition into our system, they will start at GAP Step 1. However, our goal is to have all of our farms raising animals at GAP Step 3. We seek to partner with farms that are committed to growing to this level or higher, and provide them with the support to reach that goal.

Our goal is to create an environment free of stress or fear for our hogs.