In 2001, a network of family farmers dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices that preserve our environment, our health, and our communities came together to create what would later be known as Heritage Foods.

As fourth- and fifth-generation diversified family farmers, we intrinsically understand that “sustainable” no longer applies to just the environment, but also to our business practices as a whole. We are driven by our passion to provide the next generation the opportunity to enter into this occupation, which allows them to enjoy a quality of life and support their community. Today, our network of farmers has grown to nearly 60 families.

Heritage Foods is rooted in the picturesque and sprawling lands known as the Ozarks of Missouri. We also have producers in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Arkansas. Heritage is based in the Ozarks because the area provides a moderate climate with natural barriers of hills and trees. The low concentration of livestock in the region minimizes disease outbreak among our farms. Central Missouri is also ideal for growing adequate feed supply for our hogs.

"Sustainable" no longer applies to just the environment.