The Right way to raise our hogs

We believe that happy hogs make amazing food. Our hogs are raised on trans-generational family farms by people who care about the kind of food they feed their family and the kind of pork they sell. All of our pork can be traced back to the farm that produced it.

Right for our communities

Our commitment to sustainable production enhances both the quality of the environment AND the quality of life for those living in our communities. It ensures that our customers receive a safe food supply and helps to restore profits for pork producers who are otherwise limited in resources. Following strict environmental stewardship guidelines, we consistently manage soil nutrients, air and water quality, and reduce our carbon footprint by employing energy conservation practices.

Right for our consumers

All of our Heritage breeds yield superior meat quality. There is a distinct abundance of marbling, which results in juicier and more flavorful meat. The beautiful, cherry-red color and tenderness of the meat reflect our pride in providing the best product for our consumers.

We believe Happy hogs make amazing food.